Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Who is he? Where does he play?

The oddly named American is a 22 year old winger who is out plying his trade in the Texas city famed for its long running drama that recently got recommissioned despite it being far-fetched and utterly bland to everybody except working class bores who like cheap western sitcoms...... yeah, he plays for Dallas.

Did he shoot J.R?

No he didn't shoot J.R Ewing, but he has been touted as the "next big thing in America" according to Stoke manager Tony Pulis who wants to bring the blond-haired wide-man to the Potteries for a trial. 

Next big thing in America, sounds good?

It does sound a good title, even by the standards of the hyperbole-loving yanks, but when you cast your mind back to the mysterious rogue Freddy Adu who plunged into mediocrity after being afforded bucket-fulls of hype when he was a 16 year old, it isn't really that much.

So Stoke are trying him out then?

Yeah, in a try-before-you-buy type set-up, Pulis is bringing him over to "have a look at him" which will in fact be a second look after Stoke officials scouted him playing for the U.S.A in a friendly against France last year. Shea has made 15 appearances for the Stars and Stripes* **cringe** and will be familiar with Geoff Cameron, Stoke's current American incumbent of the right-back position.

Anything else to note?

Quite a bit actually; Brek received plenty of MLS individual accolades during his breakthrough year with Dallas which culminated in a trial at Arsenal. Despite originally starting at centre-back, Shea has blossomed into a tall, powerful left-sided winger who can beat a man and provide a decent cross. 2011 saw him included in the MLS MVP XI which is ACRONYM-CRAZY!! 

How was 2012?

2012 in the MLS was less productive however as surgery on a bone in his foot put the neatly-haired midfielder out of action for 3 months, which has kind of stalled his progress. He may find a route back to prominence with Stoke though, who are looking to add numbers to a squad that has lost Maurice Edu, Danny Higginbotham and Michael Tonge this month.

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