Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Who is he? Where does he play?

He is another Borussia Dortmund talent to get excited about as, together with Moritz Leitner, he has been billed to become the next big thing at the German club who have harnessed the talents of Mario Gotze, Ilkay Gundogan and Marco Reus. However, Bittencourt won't make his breakthrough at Dortmund, instead choosing to join Hannover 96.

Don't they give talent a chance at Dortmund?

As I've mentioned, of course they do, but Bittencourt joined them from Energie Cottbus last year  in the search of first team football, though with the form of Dortmund's Champions League finalists being so good, Jurgen Klopp has struggled to fit him in, limiting him to 12 appearances in the 2nd team with just 5 in the first team. So, he's gone back on his word and is off to Hannover for 4 million euros.

What will Hannover get from him then?

Bittencourt is a natural left-winger who can operate with both feet, using his intelligence to run into pockets of space in the final third. Standing at just 5ft 7, he is another in the mould of the sublimely gifted short player who take advantage of fine balance to move away from defenders. The 19 year old is also hugely ambitious, refusing to settle for a fringe role at Dortmund and following in the footsteps of 20 year old Andre Hoffman after his move from Duisburg. "He is the best piece of evidence showing young players can find their place in the Hannover team", said Bittencourt.

Hannover and everyone are happy then?

Sporting Dirk Dufner is after they signed somebody who "possess all the skills and talents to become a reinforcement for our team". 

Borussia Dortmund are after they inserted a buy-back clause in the youngster's contract.

Whilst coach Mirko Slomka definitely is after he signed a "fast, good-dribbling" player. 

Bittencourt also is after he said "I have a good feeling that Hanover are now just the right stage for me".

Everybody's happy.

Anything else we should be aware of?

The player is now at German under-20 level after earning 5 caps for the under-17s, though he could still choose to represent Brazil as he holds duel nationality, owing to his Dad, Franklin Bittencourt, the ex-Brazilian pro who now coaches in Germany. Apart from that, he has signed a 4 year deal in Hannover, seeing him in Lower Saxony until 2017.

Anything else? No... watch this then....

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