Thursday, 4 July 2013


Who is he? Where does he play?

He is a Dutch midfielder currently playing in the EreDivisie with Vitesse Arnhem. He is a box-to-box central midfielder with great energy and he bears an uncanny resemblance to the much-hated teen-pop sensation Justin Bieber.

He's more popular than Bieber though?

He is, already a regular in Vitesse's side at the age of 20 having played 41 times over the past year, scoring 12 goals thanks to his Frank Lampard-esque ability to time runs into the box to perfection. He was integral to the Netherlands under-21 side that went to this summer's European Championship in Israel and has 1 cap in Louis Van Gaal's senior team. If that isn't enough, he was also named the 2012-2013 Dutch Football Talent of the Year.

Ah! Pretty good then?

Yes he is, but those smart souls at Vitesse knew that 3 years before us as he was handed his debut in the side aged 17 in April 2010. 3 years later he has clocked over 100 appearances in the engine room for the Vitas and is ready to move on. His ambition is justified too, he boasts an armory of long range and short range passing which allows him to spread raking diagonal balls to stretch play, or even thread clinical through balls to the striker, such is his remarkable vision. 

His brilliant control and deft touch means he can spread a pass immediately too, vital for when he is pressed hard by the opposition. His passing ability is indicated by his 1223 completed passes over the course of last season, he very rarely wastes a ball or gives it away.

You make a very good sale... 

He's not half bad off the ball either, able to mix it up (to borrow Sunday League terminology) in the midfield with a good tackle, he doesn't back away from the fight. Winning the ball back to distribute it with intelligent vision and reading of the game is his style, though he can just as easily spring into a run forward to move the ball into the attack, he is best deployed in a double pivot system with somebody who can minimise his defensive contribution.

If he's that good, won't he be moving to a major club?

Well.... it's funny you should ask that because, with all due respect to Vitesse, he is on the shopping list of that handsome old ragamuffin Jose Mourinho who has seemingly convinced multi-quasi-ultra-huge billionaire Roman Abramovich to reach behind his sofa to find that spare £8 million to agree a deal with Vitesse.  The player will join subject to a medical and will be signed, in all probability, to become a long-term replacement for Frank Lampard. A deep midfielder who can easily move forward, Van Ginkel will add a fresher, younger dimension to Chelsea's aging midfield. He will have to work on his strength though, as this literature points out.

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